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TADOBA - ANDHARI Tiger Reserve

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It represents a unique habitat for wildlife in Central India. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve comprises of Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife Sanctuary. The National park derives its name from local tribal god "Taru" whereas the Andhari river flowing through the forests gives the sanctuary its name. The forests mainly consists of teak and bamboo interspersed with grassy meadows while Tadoba is rugged hilly terrain. The area has a wide and rich range of flora and fauna. Teak and bamboo trees dominate southern deciduous forests. There is vast diversity in fauna and various types of species are found here.

The major attraction in this place is the presence of tigers. the large herds of Chital and the stately Samber are often seen in the forest. Other attractions include the elusive barking Deer, the fleet footed Chausinga. The majestic Gaur, the robust Nilgai, The shy Sloth Bear, the whistling wild dogs, the omnipresent wild Boar and stealthy Leopard etc. As the night falls the small Indian Civet The Palm Civet, the Rattle, The flying squirrel make their presence felt. In the backdrop of the famous Ram degi Temple, the nature is as its best at Tadoba.

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve was created in 1995. The area of the Reserve is 625.40 sq. km. This includes Tadoba National Park, created in 1955 with an area of 116.55 sq. km. and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary created in 1986 with an area of 508.85 sq. km. The Reserve is constituted with 577.96 sq. km. Reserve Forest, 32.51 sq. km. Protected Forest and 14.93 sq. km. other areas.

Anandwan Ashram At Warora

Warora town has come into prominence due to location of the "Anandvan Ashram". Well known Social worker and Maharashtrabhushan Shri Baba Amte whose services and efforts for the rehabilitation and care of leprosy patients have earned him worldwide recognition. Foreign tourists in large numbers often visit Anandvan Ashram.

Bhadravati Jain Temple

This ancient temple is situated in the heart of the city. Devotees throng the temple throughout the year.

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