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500 MW


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CSTPS is the biggest pit head Thermal Power Station of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board  and  the Giants in India among all state Electricity Board.  The location Of power station is at 6 Kms from Chandrapur City . Once a backward and now a fast developing city District of Maharashtra. The Power station complex is on the way to the famous Tadoba National Park .


The emergence of CSTPS as the biggest pit Head Power Station in the country as put MSEB one step forward in its endover to lead in power generation and Distribution among the state Electricity Boards of India . Thus embarking of the 500 MW units to be consider as modern venture of MSEB and first among all SEBís


This giant project having ultimate capacity of 2340 MW  .







CSTPS Ė The Making


First Stage :  [ 2 * 210 MW ]


This stage was sanctioned in 1976 and then the entral Energy Minister Shri K. C Pant laid the foundation stone on 16 Jan 1977. The September 0f 1977 saw the biggining of civil work . The first set of 210 MW unit was commissioned in Aug. 1983. and 2nd in Jul 1984. The first unit was dedicated to the nation on 8th Oct 1984 by the then Hon. Prime Minister Late Smt Indira Gandhi. .







Second Stage :  [ 2 * 210 MW ]


The third and the fourth unit of 210 MW were planned under the 2nd stage and work begin in Oct. 1980. The third unit was commissioned on 3rd May 1985 while forth one on  8 Mar 1986.


Third Stage [2 * 500 MW ]


The planning commission sanction 2 units 500 MW under the Third stage in 1981 . and in 1983 respectively. The civil construction work stared in 1985 and subsequently unit 5 and Unit 6 were commissioned on 22 /03 / 1991. and 11/03/1992 respectively. These units were dedicated to nation by Hon. Prime Minister Late Shri P. V.  Narsimharao



Forth Stage : [ 1 * 500 MW ]


The foundation The unit was commissioned in 1 / 10 / 1997 .  






The ultimate coal requirement of the station is about 38000 Metric Tone per day and practically , all requirement is made from the various open cast collieries  located within the radial distance of 50 Kms from this power station.


Durgapur and Padmapur Collieries of WCL are pit head mines from where the coal is transported by Ropeway and the unit train system with BOBR boxed of MSEB respectively. Railway is transporting coal from Ghugus  ( Distance about 35 Kms. )



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