Culture & Heritage


Chandrapur is situated in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, near Nagpur. People in Chandrapur are particularly fond of their hot and spicy gravies and curries, which they relish in almost every meal. If you are looking for a taste of the local delicacies, make sure you dig in the vagyacha bharit and bhakar tukda, which is basically mashed brinjal and bread made out of bajra. Chakli, makai chiwda, aalu vadi and kodhimbir vadi are some of the most famous snacks served in Chandrapur. Ganesh Utsav, Dusshera, Diwali and Makar Sankranti are widely celebrated festivals in Chandrapur. It is famous for the Adivasi, Gondal, and Keertam dance forms which is popular worldwide


If traditions and legends are to be believed, the place earlier was known by the name of Lokapura, which was first changed to Indupur,then to Chanda district during the British rule and finally renamed as Chandrapur in 1964. Before it became the British province, the area had long been ruled by the Hindu and Bhuddhist kings. The famous dynasties that have ruled the area are the Gonds and later Marathas. The city was established by Gond King Khandakya BallalShah in the 13th century at the behest of his queen who believed the area would prove to be a strong point of fortification. After the death of Raghuji Bhosale, the last King of the dynasty in 1853, the Nagpur province together with Chandrapur was declared annexed to British Empire. After the independence of India, the reorganization of states took place in 1956, consequent upon the Chanda district was transferred from Madhaya Pradesh to Bombay State which was later termed as Maharashtra in 1960.

The Chandrapur district is famous for tribal folk dances such as Dandar, Gondi and Rela. Adiwasi folk dance in Diwali known as Dandar. Speciely in the respect of lord Krishna. In Adiwasi(Gondi) language lord Krishna is known as Khodal.

They do dance on auspicious occasions and when new crops come. This dance is popular in tribes community. Rela dance which performed by trible women at forest area of Bhadrachalam agency area. The tribes women perfom this dance whenever there should be a occasion of joy.

The other dance is Dhol dance. Holi, Dussehra and Diwali are the main festivals of tribals. The tribal community families reside in the dense forest of District. The urban Chandrapur can witness Lavni, Gondhals, and Bharuds which are considered the other most popular folk dances of this region. Lavni is supposed to be the identity of Maharashtra which is a combination of traditional dance and song, and is performed on the enchanting rhythm of drum like instrument called as Dholak.

Chandrapur is known to be an old cotton weaving industry. Most of the handicrafts found in and around the area are cotton fabrics which have a wide reputation for excellence and durability. The silk sarees are also famous here as these saris are made with ornamental Ruipluli borders and the Chamursi plain saris are not seen much.

This is a hereditary occupation of the Burud community in Chandrapur district. Besides baskets the locals manufacture sup (winnowing fans), topalis duradis, rovalis and karandis. Pottery and Rope making add to the list of other handicrafts that hold your attention. Wood work items are also prepared by some of the crafts men over here. You can furniture designs of daily use such as chairs, cupboards, benches, cradles, agricultural implements, handlooms and warping frames.